Are Boxer Dogs Good Pets?

Are Boxer Dogs Good Pets?

You would imagine, looking at a Boxer, that they are a tough mean breed of dog that would be great for scaring (or even eating) the kids and anyone who happened to come within striking distance. Boxer Dogs have a stocky, powerful build with a mouth full of teeth and a strong jaw.

When you hear that their origins are from dogs specially bred to be Bull Baiters and to hunt Wild Boar then that would make you even more likely to expect Boxers to be a truly fearsome breed.

In truth they do make fantastic house dogs as they have a fiercely protective nature and certainly look like they mean business as they run towards a possible intruder!

The reality is they are a playful highly intelligent animal and are lots of fun to be around. And even as they get older boxers still act with a youthful playfulness that is far stronger than any other breed. Boxer Dogs just love to play and act the clown if you try to ignore them when they are in a particularly excited state. They make a comical ‘woo-woo’ sound which seems like they are just about talking to you, it’s tempting to start a conversation as you could imagine it all making sense!

Boxers are extremely intelligent dogs. Because of this, they are able to learn quickly and complete their training. However, it is also their intelligent nature that can cause difficulty during training. Because they are intelligent they tend to also think on their own. So if you do choose a Boxer dog, be prepared for those times when your dog just won’t listen to your instructions. You need to use a training method that works with the Boxers intelligence rather than expecting blind obedience.

Boxer dogs are widely accepted as being wonderful companions. They do need activity and you can clearly see their happiness when they go along on a walk with you. Boxers are naturally full of energy, so don’t be surprised to see them twist, jump and even kick its hind legs into the air while it is out on a walk.

They do need your attention and respect; boxers are certainly not a dumb animal that will just wait around contentedly for you to have time for them. If they get bored then it is possible for Boxer Dogs to be destructive, but engage with their intelligence and they will reward you many years of a fun filled friendship.

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